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You have reached the home page for the Mind Time Therapies Ltd (MTT) Portal.
This page acts as a gateway to our Login and Registration pages.
If you are already registered with MTT then please login and you will be able to view your personal Programmes and details.
If you have forgotten your password then please use the Forgotten Password on the Login Page.

If you haven't yet registered then please use the Registration link above and complete the registration process.
During this registration process you may be asked to complete a PHQ9 and GAD7, these are required to assist the therapists to understand how you are and how best to support you, please answer all questions as accurately as possible to ensure we can deliver the greatest level of support to you.

Why do I need to fill out these forms?
Before you start treatment you will need to fill out a personal information form and answer 2 questionnaires that relate to how you feel.

These questionnaires only take a few minutes to complete but are invaluable in helping us provide the best treatment possible and monitor the progress you are making.

Because we are providing an NHS service your personal data needs to be accurate, but don’t worry the information you do supply will be held securely and only shared with people and organisations involved in your care.

Once you’ve completed the forms you will be able to join one of our Programmes, which will support and teach you the skills you need so that you can live your life to its fullest.

Disclaimer: If your mood drops or if you experience suicidal thoughts then you must inform your GP immediately.
If you want some additional support in your workplace, you should contact your occupational health or wellbeing advisor.
Mind Time Therapies Ltd. was created to aid people who are feeling stressed, anxious,low in mood or depressed.
We provide therapeutic support and teach people coping skills so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Dr Mike Scanlan leads our team of therapists trained in the use of psychological therapies to support hundreds of people a year in their own home or wherever they choose to access the internet from.
We have designed and developed our programmes to be delivered via interactive webinars enabling people access to professional support by PCs, tablets or smart phones.

We provide our service to NHS and voluntary sector IAPT service providers who are looking for effective and affordable ways to achieve the national waiting time, access and recovery standards.
Mind Time Therapies offer a portfolio of Programmes developed with MBSR and CBT at their heart and we manage people’s entry and journey through the therapeutic sessions.
Along the way we undertake all of the necessary data collection, processing and reporting requirements in accordance with NHS Digital’s IAPT Data Set guidance.

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