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Welcome, you are seconds away from being able to register onto one of our Webinar programmes. If you're new to us you will need to register with us first and then you will be able to choose the Webinar programme that best suits you. This process is quick and simple just follow the link below.

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Why do I need to fill out these forms?
Before you start treatment you will need to fill out a personal information form and answer 2 questionnaires that relate to how you feel.
These questionnaires only take a few minutes to complete but are invaluable in helping us provide the best treatment possible and monitor the progress you are making.
Because we are providing an NHS service your personal data needs to be accurate, but don’t worry the information you do supply will be held securely and only shared with people and organisations involved in your care.
Once you’ve completed the forms you will be able to join one of our Programmes, which will support and teach you the skills you need so that you can live your life to its fullest.

Disclaimer: If your mood drops or if you experience suicidal thoughts then you must inform your GP immediately. If you want some additional support in your workplace, you should contact your occupational health or wellbeing advisor.

Note: By registering with Mind time Therapies Ltd, you are allowing Mind Time Therapies Ltd (MTT) to use your information only to be able to provide the support and benefits from our programmes. MTT will only share/provide relevant details and assessments to your linked support provider, again in accordance with your treatment plan and/or selected Programme programmes. MTT DO NOT share your details sell your details to any other party or Company.

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